Why it’s important Blackcaps fans don’t become like All Blacks fans

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Sunday, 21 January 2018, 4:33PM
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The New Zealand Cricket team are in the midst of a real purple patch. These are halcyon days for the players, coaching staff and more importantly the fans.

The ODI team has won a record 12 matches in a row, the T20 team is ranked number 1 and features the #1 Bowler & Batsmen in the world and the Test side is a quality all-rounder away from being a top-tier side on a regular basis.

To quote the wordsmith Rob Thomas from the soft on 90s rock band Matchbox 20, “It’s been a long day” since NZ Cricket fans have had a team this dominant to support.

The dark days of Summers past are a distant memory and it seems like Blackcaps fans are living in the golden years right now. A place All Blacks fans have been living in since almost the beginning of time.

Look at those All Blacks fans - the ones who complain about the ABs winning all the time. The ones who complain after a 57-0 victory over South Africa. “The opposition is rubbish!” they say. “They should have beat them by 80” another will whine on Radio Sport.

They’ve forgotten the joy of their side winning. They’ll yell and tell you to sit down when someone dares to stand up in their seat and cheer for their team.

Please don’t become like this Blackcaps fans!

Yes, the West Windies and now Pakistan have been destroyed at the hands of Dave Franco, Lovely Trenty, The Sexy Camel and the lads, but let’s embrace these glory days.

Perhaps even grab a glass, pour yourself a drink and say "cheers" to the memories past of when the times weren't so good.

Please, don’t let it get to the point where Steady The Ship is standing in the middle of the stadium after just hitting a double hundred to an audience of people unimpressed because he should have scored 300…

“Are you not entertained!!!”

 Words by Joseph Durie - Please direct all hate to Joe_Ray_Me on Twitter

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