The ACC: The Agenda - Episode 16 "Why Not Soggy Biscuit?"

Publish Date
Monday, 6 May 2019, 12:20PM

This episode's panel features Jeremy Wells, Matt Heath & Manaia Stewart.

The Agenda Topics touched on this episode are:
Sudden Death Over Time or Golden Point in Super Rugby...
1987, the MCG and Dick French...
Can the All Blacks win the World Cup without Ben From Accounts?
Is Chewbacca the best Star Wars character?
Should the ACC go Premium?

Social Rapid Fire:
Is it appropriate to ”bust a nut” at your girlfriend's parents house?
1st XI of Booze
Best sexual position for the aging gentlemen?
The 4 Pillars of NZ breathes or fresh air
Benefits of Talcum Powder

If you were standing in a field armed with a baseball bat and faced with wave after wave of 10-year-olds trying to kill you. How long would you last?

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