The Agenda - Episode 15 "An Eclectic Bunch of F***wits"

Publish Date
Monday, 29 April 2019, 12:06PM

This episode's panel features Jeremy Wells, Matt Heath & Mike Lane.

The Agenda Topics touched on this episode are:
1. Steady The Ship playing on the same IPL team as Davy Dumb Dumb
2. Electric Mountain Bikes
3. Should fighting be allowed in rugby like ice hockey?
4. Which Avenger would make the best All Black/Black Cap
5. Great Kiwi Encounters
6. Best tactics to get to the Boxing Day Test

Social Rapid Fire
1st XI of STIs formerly STDs
Food that isn't acceptable in the bedroom
Worst New Zealand beer
Best sandpaper Grit # for ball doctoring

Would you still masturbate if when you came your semen was just one big sperm, and afterward you'd have to fight it? (If it escapes it'll continue to grow in both size and strength. Biding its time, waiting to strike)

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