Between Two Beers Podcast - Chloë McCardel: The World's Greatest Open-Water Swimmer

Publish Date
Monday, 4 April 2022, 8:45AM

Chloë McCardel is known as the Queen of the Channel after setting the world record for the most crossings of the English Channel (44).

She also holds the world record for the longest non-stop swim – 124km, 42 hours – in the open water! Without doubt she is the greatest ultra-marathon swimmer in history. She covers the time she nearly died 17 hours into a world record attempt, having to abort a swim due to jellyfish stings, and how she deals with shark danger.

Her story test the limits of human endurance, and we find out where her mental strength comes from, and where her mind goes during the dark times of a long open water swim. She describes the mental and physical anguish of swimming for 42 hours that may stretch your appreciation of what the human body and mind can achieve.

To date, Chloë might be the toughest athlete we’ve talked to. The strength it takes to do what she has done is inspiring – and makes you question the limitations you’ve put on yourself.

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