Between Two Beers Podcast - Dai Henwood: Life Of The Party To Zen Master

Publish Date
Monday, 13 December 2021, 9:09AM

Dai Henwood is one of New Zealand’s most popular and successful entertainers who has done and seen it all and acquired some serious wisdom along the way.

We chart the two parts of his amazing career in this episode, from winning the prestigious Billy T Award in 2002, to having a mental breakdown after bombing in Edinburgh, to rekindling his career on the kiwi stand up tour, through his often boozy appearances on C4 on shows like 'Insert Video Here' and 'Roll the Dai'.

The second career looks at the runaway success as captain of Team 2 on 7 Days including the most controversial things ever said, hosting humble kiwis on 'Family Feud' and dealing with live television on 'Dancing with the Stars' as the zen and sober host.

Dai is also mad on sports, having recently joined the Alternative Commentary Collective cricket commentary, and co-hosts his own Mad Monday Podcast which shines the spotlight on his beloved rugby league and the Warriors.

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