Between Two Beers Podcast - Jason Hoyte: Stepping Out Of Character

Publish Date
Monday, 8 August 2022, 7:02AM

Jason Hoyte is a screen, and voice, actor, radio host, comedian, stage performer, former cricket umpire and father of four.

In this episode we talk about Jason’s infamous scene with Nadia Lim on Late NIght Big Breakfast, the chaotic early days of comedy with Sugar and Spice, his relationship with Leigh Hart and the trials and tribulations of putting Bhuja together, working with Ryan Gosling on Young Hercules, His experiences with the ACC, never being too old for smut talk and some love, and life advice.

Jase is a guest we’ve wanted on the show since we started it - and we weren’t disappointed. He’s so often ‘in character’ in his public-facing roles, so it was a real treat to peak behind the curtain to find out what really makes him tick. Jase has been a big influence on both of us, he’s been involved in many of our favourite productions and just generally cracks us up. He’s also lived a hell of a life.

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