Between Two Beers Podcast - Jason Pine: Tales From A Life Of Broadcasting

Publish Date
Tuesday, 13 July 2021, 6:00AM

Jason Pine is widely regarded as one of the nicest blokes in New Zealand media, and one of the best.

From humble beginnings in Wellington he has ascended to the top of the game in radio broadcasting, sports commentary, column writing, and MCing.

He is the voice of football in New Zealand, bringing the iconic moments from the famous night in Wellington when the All Whites accounted for Bahrain in 2009 to radio listeners, and achieved a childhood dream of commentating of commentating their matches at the FIFA World Cup a year later. He has since transitioned to TV calling the Wellington Phoenix week in and week out.

We go behind the mic and learn how he prepares for a commentary and hear stories from 28 years of radio broadcasting including working with a young Hilary Barry, and the challenges of losing friend and mentor Graeme Moody in 2011.

Piney oozes humility, empathy and professionalism, and it’s easy to know why no one has a bad word to say about one of New Zealand’s truly good people.

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