Between Two Beers Podcast - Leigh Hart: A Comedy Of Errors

Publish Date
Monday, 8 November 2021, 8:54AM

Leigh Hart is one of New Zealand’s most popular comedians and a beer-and-chips magnate where the rollout of his Wakachangi and Snackachangi have been a roaring success.

He burst onto the scene as a weekly sport reporter on the cult show Sports Café, before creating Moon TV in the “off-season” which in-turn spawned a series of shows like That Guy’s World Cup, Olympico, Mysterious Planet, Screaming Reels, and The Late Night Big Breakfast.

He then brought his deadpan and irreverent style to the Alternative Commentary Collective which saw him transition to Radio Hauraki and Bhuja with Jason Hoyte.

Before all this his life was like one of his whacky characters, growing up at the top of The Andes in Peru, working on the Channel Tunnel, being deported from France, and he was the brains behind Motorway Patrol – one of the most popular show’s in New Zealand television history.

Leigh is hilarious and incredibly honest, this was an epic episode which could easily have gone for another two hours.

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