Between Two Beers Podcast - Tim Wigmore: How elite athletes are made

Publish Date
Thursday, 7 January 2021, 6:00AM

In late 2020 sports journalist Tim Wigmore released his second book – The Best: How Elite Athletes Are Made – together with renowned sports scientist Mark Williams.

The book lays a path to athletic greatness based on science, personal stories and exclusive interviews with some of the world’s top athletes—such as Elena Delle Donne, Steph Curry, Pete Sampras and Joey Votto as well as English Premier League superstars Marcus Rashford and Jamie Carragher, plus leading coaches like Steve Kerr.

Wigmore paints a picture of sporting prowess from inception to the big leagues, revealing starting truths of athletic greatness—including why younger siblings have far more chance of becoming elite athletes, why medium-sized towns produce the most superstars and the role of informal play—and offers a deconstruction about how each of us can be the best we can possibly be.

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