Bushwhacker Butch: Inside 35 Years Of Pro Wrestling

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Monday, 12 December 2022, 8:57AM

On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Butch Miller. 

Butch is best known for being one-half of the WWE Hall of Fame tag-team, the Bushwhackers. 

Butch is 78-years old and lives a fairly simple life in Wellington these days. But he’s still firing on all cylinders – and some of the yarns shared across this one were quite breathtaking. 

Like how he started wrestling with team-mate Luke in 1966, and trained for 10 years with Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage in a Californian gym, his behind-the-scenes stories of fighting Andre the Giant and traveling with him on the road in New Zealand, fighting in front of 96,000 people at Wembley, fighting Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s grandad, the origins of the Bushwhacker walk, negotiating with Vince McMahon, transitioning from the Sheepherders to the BabyFace Bushwackers, and so much more. 

The BushWhackers were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, to honour their 35-year journey through professional wrestling, the trials and tribulations along the way and their elevation to the top of the wrestling world. And Butch has recently released a book, Blood Sweat and Cheers which captures the journey with some unbelievable stories. Would make a great xmas prezzy for a few dads out there.  Butch is a hard case and a legend. But with a soft, caring, sensitive underbelly. And this one even got a bit emotional at the end when he was talking about how proud he was of his journey. And we were right there with him. Hopefully you enjoy this as much as we did. 

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