Dean Lonergan: Losing It All & Rebuilding, Duco Events, Jeff Horn Vs Manny Pacquiao & More!

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Monday, 21 August 2023, 8:20AM

On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Dean Lonergan. 

Dean is one of New Zealand’s biggest and best events promoters. The many credits to his name include David Tua v Shane Cameron, Fight For Life, Joseph Parker, the Auckland nines, Manny Pacqiou v Jeff Horne and many, many more. 

He was also a former professional rugby league player with the Canberra Raiders and the Kiwis, before he retired at 26 and did breakfast radio in New Zealand for over a decade. 

There’s a lot to unpack in the life of Dean. 

In this episode we talk about his biggest business failures and how he ended up $1.8million in debt, what happened at DUCO and why he walked away, the art of selling, the Morning Pirates on radio Hauraki, Fight For Life, family and fatherhood. 

This was a super engaging and entertaining chat. Dean has lived one hell of a life and has an endless supply of great yarns from working with the biggest names in NZ and Aussie sport. 

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This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer Garden Studio. Enjoy. 

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