Example: 16 Years At The Top Of Global Music

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Tuesday, 11 April 2023, 11:06AM

On this episode of Between Two Beers we talk to Elliot Gleave. 

Elliot is best known as his stage name, Example, and is a musical artist, producer, writer and rapper, who has been leading the way in the music industry for the last 16 years.  Example is a genuine worldwide superstar and has been the frontman of multiple generations, bridging the gaps between electronic, rap, and pop, with his chart-topping singles, sell-out tours, and multiple platinum records.  But despite all that, he comes across as an ordinary bloke and gave us such a memorable episode. 

We talked about playing 1360 gigs across 62 countries, The power of Glastonbury, the time he got invited to play tennis at Buckingham Palace, how he deals with fame, why he moved to Australia, his approach to creating music in 2023, life hacks, parenting and much, much more. 

This one was a lot of fun and we’re incredibly grateful Elliott gave us so much of his time while in New Zealand. 

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This episode was brought to you from the Export Beer garden studio. Enjoy. 

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