Fletch & Vaughan: 19 Years At The Top Of Kiwi Radio

Publish Date
Monday, 8 May 2023, 7:21AM

Fletch and Vaughan sit atop of the pyramid of radio personalities in New Zealand and are considered radio royalty in the country having worked together for 19 years across two major stations.

Together with comedian Hayley Sproull, they currently host one of the country’s most popular radio shows on ZM, which is also repurposed as a podcast and downloaded nearly 500,000 times each month.

Fletch is a guru on all things travel and cat-related; Vaughan is the loveable Dad of the team who spends his days in the shed tinkering with things and definitely not crying about how proud he is of two adorable girls.

Fletch and Vaughan never punch down and their chat was full of good vibes and loud laughs!

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