"Luxon V Hart"

Publish Date
Thursday, 20 June 2024, 11:51AM

Matt Heath joins Manaia Stewart on the 30th Anniversary of the Bain murders to discuss the upcoming pregame ahead of the All Blacks game in Dunedin (0:00) whether the ACC is responsible for Sail GP pulling out of Christchurch (8:07) and Patrick Tuipolotu's miraculous recovery (13:12).

Then, in light of David Nyika's upcoming fight, the fellas discuss who you'd like to see in a celebrity boxing match (18:08) the French swimmer who turned a win into a loss (26:18) and go through the 2013 Chiefs team list for Throwback Thursday (29:07).

Finally, the fellas get to your feedback in 'Yours Please' (35:15).

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