The Agenda - "Thanks Keith"

Publish Date
Thursday, 19 November 2020, 1:31PM

This episode's panel features Matt Heath, James McOnie and ACC & Hauraki Head G Lane.

The Agenda Topics touched on in this episode are:
After the Argentinian loss is it time for Razor Robertson to challenge Fozzie Bear to a dance battle for the All Blacks Head Coach role?

Who would win an ODI, the New Zealand Test team or the New Zealand T20 team?

In these situations, would you choose to Tweet or Cry?
All Blacks loss.
Your firstborn.
Lovely Trenty retires.
Wedding Day.
Black Caps win the World Cup.
Nan’s funeral.

Scenario: Would you rather spin a roulette wheel where Red, you go to jail for ten years, or Black, you win $100 million dollars or not spin at all?

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