"The Pond Meat Premiership"

Publish Date
Wednesday, 24 April 2024, 11:43AM

ACC Head G Lane joins Manaia Stewart live from Taupo to discuss the power of the Drive-Thru server (0:00) before Manaia reveals his most heartbreaking indictment of the Crusaders (1:42).

Then the fellas break down the history of the ANZAC Day Warriors fixture and what it means for tomorrow's game against the Titans (11:44) before reacting to the Laureus Award winners (15:53) and resolving a scheduling clash between duck shooting and footy in 'Yours Please' (20:43).

Finally, this week's 'Half Baked Sports Idea' is so powerful it blows Lane's headset to bits and the fellas have to wrap the pod early (30:44).

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