The Great New Zealand Beer Names

Publish Date
Thursday, 29 August 2019, 3:30PM

Introducing the greatest list you will ever find. Thanks to all the bloody good Kiwis who help Matty & Manaia put this list together.

The Great New Zealand Beer Names List

A J CrackitOpen
Agnatius glassy
Anna 6 Paquin
Anton Double Brown
Anton Lion Brown
Asahi Naholo
Bacardi Savea
Barnaby Beer
Beeremy Wells
Beerfest Faumuina
Beernice Mene
Bingee Marshall
Bloody Mary Lambie
Brewden Barrett
Brewdy Rettalick
Brews McLaren
Brews Reihanas
Can Carter
Can Neil
Can-crusher Collins
Carl Bourban
Carona Lomu
Casey Coldpour
Chanel Harris Tequila
Chris Cans
Christian Skullen
Cold One Ge Grandhomme
Crate Hawkesby
Crate Sheppard
Crate Sheppard
Dai Henwoodstock
Dame Kiri Two-Coronas
Dan Carton
Dane Coldone
Dave Dobro's
David Tui
Dregs Murphy
Fat Freddys Froth
Fizz Wyllie
Frano Big-Bottica
Gin Swigmore
Grant Box
Helen Cask
Hillary Beery
Hone Heinekins
Ian Fosters
Jack Goodbrew
Jason ShotGunns
Jenny Tippley
Jerry "Double" Brownlie
Joe Rumandcoke-O
John Brewgood
Judith Coldones
Jug Howlett
Jugcinda Adern
Just-cider Ardern
Keg Murphy
Keg Somerville
Keisha Castle - Brews
Keith Quinn & Juice
Ladi 6 Pack
Laura McColdrink
Lydia Codies
Margherita Mahy
Martin Cupfulls
Nehe Milner-Skuller
Ofa Twobottsnotfussy
Peter Breewling & Beer Tuke
Pint Tree Meads
Pintglass Meads
Prince Tui's necker
Richard Handle Lee
Richie McCoors
Richie McPour
Rinsed-on Peters
Robert Moulgoon
Robert muld-wine?
Roger Handle
Roger Tui Passer Sheck
Russel 6 Packer
Sam Whitefroth
Sean Froth Patrick
Shandy Dalton
Sherry Brownlee
Simon Binges
Simon cannering
Simon Fridges
Sitiveni Shitfacedearen'tyou
Skull a Beer Williams
Slur John Keg
Sonny Fill Flagons
Sonny-Billy Mavericks
Taine Handle
Tana Brewmaga
Tin wigmore
TJ Pouranother
Tony Double Brown
Tony Woodstock
Willie Api lager
Winston Bitters
Yardie Savea

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