Watch the brand new Jed Parsons video for the song "Get Lost"

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Friday, 2 February 2018, 8:09AM

Christchurch indie-pop artist Jed Parsons has followed the release of his debut single "Get Lost" with an aptly hilarious video featuring topless tennis on a trampoline, seriously smooth martial arts moves, Holden Kingswood burnouts, the oldest turbine helicopter in New Zealand and piloting skills that would put Richie McCaw to shame.

"Get Lost" debuted on Apple Music NZ’s ‘Best of the Week’ playlist and soared up the NZ Spotify Viral Chart when it was released on January 19.

With a killer hook paired with dreamy melodies and clever lyrics, the song serves as the perfect introduction to Parsons’ unique concoction of indie-pop and lays the foundation for his debut full-length album, set for release this year.

Made by a team of brilliant Christchurch-based creatives from Ruffell Productions, including director Tim McInnes, the video for ‘Get Lost’ is a literal representation of the song, which is all about not settling for a life that’s anything less than what you want.

The video depicts a character, Jed, carrying out meaningless and boring tasks, juxtaposed with glimpses of an alternative version of himself living out a life of fantasy.

“It’s an abstract and lighthearted take on the very real, very tragic, modern day crisis of people getting sucked into lives they don’t want,” explains Parsons. “In this case, the reality of our character, who dreams of naked tennis on a trampoline, dressed in a boring suit, pouring tea at his organised desk and pointing aimlessly at a calendar.”

“My character appears he’s got his shit together, but begins to lose it as his alternate-self soars in a parallel life or dream completely void of stability and organisation.”

Parsons is a consummate live performer and multi-instrumentalist, who has played in many bands, taking him around the world and into the studio with the likes of nomad, Pacific Heights and Mel Parsons.

As a solo artist, his music balances eccentricity and energy with intimacy and musical sensitivity, maintaining a focus on catchy hooks and lyrical prowess. His songwriting is sculpted from his observations and analysis of a strange world he enjoys.

Find "Get Lost" on iTunes and Spotify.

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