Watch the brand new Tunes of I video for "Dangerous"

Publish Date
Wednesday, 8 May 2019, 12:23PM

Wellington Dub Rockers Tunes of I - have just released the music video for their latest single "Dangerous" - the first from their upcoming sophomore studio album due out later this year.

Directed by Lee Gingold (who has worked with the likes of The Beatles, SIX60 & Drax Project) and produced by James Manttan (SIX60, Drax Project), the video takes the audience on a wall to wall rampage showcasing urban interpretations of classic myth and legend, exploring the songs lyrical themes visually throughout the back alleys and surrounding forests of Wellington, New Zealand. Speaking on the video Lee adds…

“The idea for the video started out as a conversation on the balcony of San Fran in Wellington. I was really geared up about the song and couldn't contain my excitement as I tried to convey my ideas to the band at their single release show after their set. The horn section, lyrics and overall vibe gave me a feeling of some sort of light hearted, mythological mayhem. Dark and mysterious but also kind of fun at the same time. Somewhere along the lines of the Stranger Things TV show.

While exploring visual styles we decided a film-noir-ish, graphic novel-ish look would create a nice playground for creating monsters. From there we let the idea’s run wild and came away with a plot that featured a Shadow Monster, a Giant Killer Cat and a Cyclops (played by Ben Lemi of Trinity Roots) all which allowed us to have some fun and flex our VFX muscles. The horn section in the video (Kaito & Bryn) act like a Greek Chorus (an old theatre idea) and flag Conway (lead singer), narrating his story (musically) before getting caught up in the twisted nightmare themselves.

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