Watch the brand new video for "One By The Venom" by Finn Andrews

Publish Date
Wednesday, 1 May 2019, 4:25PM

Finn Andrews has released his superb new video for "One By The Venom" taken from his debut solo album ‘One Piece At A Time’ which is out now.

“We didn't have much money, but we had time,” says Finn. “Each death is only about 1.5 seconds long so (director) Alex Gandar and I set about trying to think of the most direct ways to show them. Alex wrote out the world's most macabre spreadsheet containing each death, how long it was, who was in it, where it would be shot... it was a huge amount of work.”

Video director Alexander Gandar: “This music video is barely longer than your average movie trailer, and yet the immense amount of work we set ourselves meant that it often felt more like we were making a movie. We’ve tried to show death in all its chaos and absurdity and sadness and inevitability so that we might also hope to witness the colossal and lovely and ever-shifting mosaic of life.”

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