Watch the video for "Raised in the Dark" by Villainy

Publish Date
Saturday, 17 November 2018, 1:31PM

Following on from the Proto-Candy Death Punk of taster "IFXS (I Faxed A Snake)" and the playful dystopia of "Tiny Little Island" Villainy are back with their brand new single "Raised in the Dark" and it's a scorched earth bloody banger.

Opening with guitars so broken-sounding, you'd be forgiven for thinking your speakers had ruptured, then pushed into oblivion by the deep rhythm section groove. The song steps out with an unashamed footprint and a confrontational leer.

For vocalist Neill Fraser the track is "based on the blind optimism that we can all have exactly what we want, that nothing is unattainable, that we are 'meant to win' - yet never end up fully satisfied". Complemented by long-time collaborators Tom Larkin (Shihad) and genius knob-twiddler Samuel K at Homesurgery Recordings in Melbourne Australia, ‘Raised In The Dark’ is the definitive opening salvo from the forthcoming third album, due 2019.

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