Watch the video for the brand new Pluto track "Oh My Lonely"

Publish Date
Friday, 5 July 2019, 9:46AM

Pluto are back!!!

Sparked by the discovery of a back-up session of the unfinished album in 2015, Milan set about healing the rifts between them all and no less than four years later he was finally able to convince the boys to get back together and pick up where they left off. The album is set to be released in September 2019 under their own company, 5 Moon Entertainment, with the first single "Oh My Lonely" leading the way. Excitingly for fans, this fourth album release will see the band play live once again.

Recorded at The Lab, "Oh My Lonely" was produced by the highly-respected Jol Mulholland, a long-time friend and collaborator of the band. Like the rest of the band, he returned to the studio to pick it up again with new editions to the track in 2019, and he has been a pivotal part in producing the new album, despite it being 9 years in the making.

"Oh My Lonely" is also released with a stunning video, produced and directed by Milan Borich and edited by Nick Abbott, who has played pivotal part in all four of Pluto’s records. Milan also produced and directed their "Hey Little" (2001) and ‘"Snake Charmer" (2010) videos. Milan says ‘"Oh My Lonely" was originally a Jackson Pollock-esque theme with a blank canvas coming to life with a splattering of fluorescent paint. After encountering some resistance with misinterpretation we inverted the video and it took on a new life.”

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