Watch the video for the brand new Tiny Ruins track "Holograms"

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Thursday, 17 January 2019, 5:21PM

Tiny Ruins, originally conceived as the solo project of New Zealand singer-songwriter Hollie Fullbrook, are releasing their third album 'Olympic Girls' on February 1st and today have shared a new song and video "Holograms".

Fullbrook comments on the concept behind the video for "Holograms", “The song is a conversation in a way, where one person posits the idea that technology will increasingly connect us. That we will not just be emotionally or mentally connected, but that our bodies will transcend physical and mortal bounds via technology. That we can bring someone back.

For the video, I wanted a sense of longing for this sparkly, colourful other realm, where everyone is connected, in unity. The director Martin Sagadin & I both started out talking about how the song called for a sense of sci-fi, which led us to planets, which led to the idea that we would build planets out of lanterns. This storyline arose where my character is trying to communicate or reach out to another field of existence, via technology. But we felt that the technology could be a bit old and not quite ‘of this time’ - we were inspired by Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting video, or the TV series Maniac, in the sense that technology is kind of old and defunct, and there’s a timelessness or lack of specificity as to time.

The idea of the video, I guess, is that I have a vision of this place I am trying to reach…I gather up particular objects that I feel will connect me to this place. But in the end, it’s futile - I try to reach the planet that appears through the wall, with all my technology revved up, and….it collapses in front of me.”

Olympic Girls was produced by bandmate Tom Healy in the same space (Paquin Studios at The Lab in hometown Auckland) as their 2014 album, Brightly Painted One. Whereas Brightly Painted One was recorded in three short weeks, Olympic Girls recordings took place over a year. It is the culmination of a flourish of spontaneity and experimentation and stridently reaches beyond Fullbrook's formerly minimalist domain. Olympic Girls is Tiny Ruins' first release since their 2016 single ‘Dream Wave’, which was recorded and produced by David Lynch and chosen by Lorde for the Hunger Games soundtrack blueprint she curated.

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