Watch the video for the new Gary Clark Jr "This Land"

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Friday, 11 January 2019, 12:38PM

Gary Clark Jr.'s new release "This Land" is out now, with Rolling Stone calling the song ''a scathing account of Trump-era racism". In 'This Land', Clark sings a true story about living on "50 acres with a Model A / Right in the middle of Trump Country," next to a neighbour who "can't wait to call the police on me."

In an upcoming Rolling Stone feature, Clark speaks about the very real experiences behind the song. “I think it’s only right at this point in time, if you have a microphone louder than others, to speak out about that anger,” he said in a conversation that ranged from Colin Kaepernick to the border wall being debated in his home state. “I haven’t been through shit compared to my people. But if I can do anything with my opportunity, and say thank you to Dr. Martin Luther King for sacrificing your life so that I can have a microphone … that’s the least I can do.”

The video for "This Land' was directed by award-winning 25-year-old filmmaker 
Savanah Leaf, and filmed around Clark’s home in rural Texas, capturing a young boy grappling with haunting symbols of American racism such as the Confederate flag. “I basically just told her where I came from and she made a beautiful short film out of it,” Clark says. “Shout out to her, much love. I hope the video and the song together accomplish acceptance and moving forward — feed the babies, teach the babies to love.” Gary Clark Jr is considered one of the greatest living guitar players with fans ranging from Eric Clapton to Barack Obama.

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