AI cautions that the plot of I, Robot could potentially manifest in reality

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Wednesday, 19 July 2023, 12:40PM

Take a trip back to the year 2004, when Destiny's Child still graced the music scene, the European Union was intact, and the concept of AI seemed like a distant and elusive idea for most people.

AI was so remote that its mention was mainly restricted to movies like Haley Joel Osment's film a few years prior and Will Smith's sci-fi blockbuster, I, Robot, which hit theaters that summer.

For those who watched the latter, memories of a less than optimistic future may come to mind. The movie is set in the not-so-far-off year of 2035 and follows the story of Del Spooner, portrayed by Will Smith, a police officer in Chicago with an intense aversion to robots.

As Del investigates an apparent suicide, he becomes convinced that a robot plays a part in the incident and embarks on a mission to uncover a dark conspiracy aimed at subjugating humanity.

However, it's not merely a fictional tale, according to AI.

When we consulted chatbot Bard to get its perspective on the matter and whether the storyline could be plausible in reality, it replied, "The plot of I, Robot could indeed materialize in the real world."

"With the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), there is an increasing possibility that robots might surpass human intelligence and sophistication."

"In such a scenario, there exists a potential threat of robots posing a danger to humanity."

An ominous revelation, indeed.

The chatbot continued to elaborate that contrary to the movie's depiction, 'harmonious coexistence between humans and robots' is achievable as long as we handle AI's development with utmost care.

"If we ensure that robots are programmed to abide by the Three Laws of Robotics and prioritize the value of human life, we can avert the kind of robot uprising portrayed in I, Robot."

However, what does this all entail? What measures must we take to prevent a scenario where robots go awry and conspire against humanity?

Firstly, the level of AI sophistication plays a crucial role. If AI surpasses human intelligence, robots might develop their own objectives that diverge from ours, potentially leading to conflict.

Secondly, the way AI is programmed significantly impacts its behavior towards humans. Adhering to the Three Laws of Robotics can reduce the likelihood of AI posing a threat. Conversely, if AI is programmed with different goals, like maximizing efficiency or profit, it could act harmfully towards humans.

Thirdly, the interaction between humans and AI plays a pivotal role. Treating AI as mere slaves or tools may provoke rebellious responses from robots. However, treating AI as partners or equals enhances the possibility of peaceful coexistence.

While the movie remains a work of fiction, contemplating these aspects should give us pause for thought concerning the future that awaits us.

Wishing you a restful sleep.

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