Dual - Green Eyed

Publish Date
Wednesday, 5 December 2018, 6:18PM

Check out the latest single from Dual called "Green Eyed". 

Co-produced with Jol Mulholland, "Green Eyed" is a track that evolved over countless live performances. Showcasing the raw vocal strength of Maurice Miller and biting guitars riffs from Jamie Pyne, "Green Eyed" arrives just in time for summer, evoking an early-90's British feel combined with modern production from one of the best."

Maurice "I met a girl and was drawn to her by her green eyes and felt a strong connection. The situation was less than ideal, I trusted my instincts and her eyes kept drawing me back to her"

More releases planned for early 2019 too.

For more info on Dual check out their Facebook page and Instagram account.

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