Gramsci - Pride & Joy

Publish Date
Friday, 16 April 2021, 4:59PM

"Pride & Joy" is the fourth and final single from Gramsci's 'Inheritance' album; heralding their triumphant return to rock music. The guys have been back in the studio completing the follow-up album due for release later in 2021. "Pride & Joy" is a song about how we keep on repeating the same mistakes throughout human history and that we should really be moving past that into a better future.

"Pride & Joy" is an ode to facing your personal responsibility, to finally break the chain of inheritance. Gritty, textured guitars and primal drums intensify as McLaney’s powerful vocal urges the listener to stop ‘finding new excuses to make the same old mistakes’. Ultimately an empowering message that if you listen to your conscience and find your pride, you will find your joy.

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