Brandon Boyd reflects on Incubus' 'Morning View' 20 years after its release

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021, 8:50AM
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October 23 marked the 20th anniversary of Incubus' fourth album Morning View, and singer Brandon Boyd reflected on the wide range of emotions he felt while making the record during an interview with NME.

“There was definitely a little bit of chatter in our kind of band family about that pressure,” he recalled when asked if there was pressure felt after the success of the album's predecessor Make Yourself. “I think maybe some of the other guys in the band may have experienced it a little bit differently, but you’d have to ask them. I can only speak for myself and I didn’t take on that weight. During that period of time, I was distracted, I suppose by the excitement of having the opportunity to record another album.”

It was also a way for him to cope with two difficult breakups. “I was also coming off the heels of two, really just heartbreaking separations, like one after the other," Boyd divulged. "So I was coming into the recording of Morning View excited, elated, filled with enthusiasm, and heartbroken all at the same time. Looking back, I feel really lucky because I was able to experience those things through the lens of music and art, and the art was a catharsis but there’s also communion and it was all of these things wrapped up.”

Incubus sketched out around 30 songs during the recording session, but only 13 made it on the album. “There’s a lot of material and we might dust some of it off at some point,” Boyd said. “Sometimes old ideas or demos find their way into back into our sort of collective band consciousness and we’ll dust them off and rearrange them and they become new songs.”

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