Incubus releases trippy outer space video for new song "Our Love"

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Sunday, 2 February 2020, 12:59PM

Incubus takes fans on a galactic trip as the band's ship crashes onto an alien planet. As one does when crashing a spaceship, Brandon Boyd and the gang set up shop and grab their instruments to perform the new track.

“Is anybody ever really awake? (Woo!)/ Just beneath the skin, always reminded/ You can only live so long as a fake (Woo!)/ Time is wearing thin, let our love begin,” Boyd sings in the bridge.

Just as the band members are rocking out, they spot an antelope that leads them to a free-standing door. Once they walk through, it's a psychedelic party complete with every color of the rainbow, larger-than-life mushrooms, and... laser eyes?

Check it out above!

Incubus recently celebrated 20 years of its breakthrough third album, Make Yourself, and wrapped up a tour supporting the anniversary at the end of last year. So far, the band just has a few one off shows slated for 2020 and are gearing up to release some more songs.

"We have at least four songs that are completely done and at least one or two others that have videos already and a bunch of other ideas that are floating around that we might try to chip away at when we get back," bassist Ben Kenney told Billboard last autumn. “I think the key thing is we’re having fun and we're not really trying to chase any brass ring with it. We're just trying to experiment and explore what we're capable of doing, and all the while not take ourselves too seriously and just really enjoy what we get to do.”

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