Joey Kramer joins Aerosmith onstage but does not perform

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Monday, 27 January 2020, 9:28AM
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Aerosmith accepted its MusiCares Person of the Year award Friday night in an all-star studded ceremony in Los Angeles.

Co-founding drummer Joey Kramer joined the band onstage to accept the award, despite having sued the band a week earlier in an effort to resume his seat atop the drum riser.

Steven Tyler made his acceptance speech with a hand on Kramer's back and then turned the mic over to the drummer.

"A shout out to love and gratitude, to MusiCares, to all our fans, to my partners, to my forever-supportive wife, Linda, and to you guys out there in the music industry," Kramer said, before quietly leaving the stage as his band mates took up their instruments (the band performed with fill-in drummer John Douglas).

Kramer was sidelined from Aerosmith last year with what the band described as a 'minor' shoulder injury.

Before being allowed to perform again with the Aerosmith, however, he was made to audition to prove he was fully healthy. After first objecting to the audition, Kramer relented earlier this month and was told his performance lacked 'energy.'

With Friday's MusiCares ceremony and Sunday's Grammys Lifetime Achievement Award honors, Kramer filed a lawsuit and demanded to be allowed to participate.

The band said it had no time to get him back up to speed before two crucial performances, one of which — at the Grammys — will be internationally televised.

On Wednesday, a judge sided with Aerosmith. A day later, footage surfaced of Kramer being turned away from Aerosmith's rehearsal by security guards.

Despite the drama, Aerosmith still publicly urged Kramer to join them at both award shows, noting that he is a "brother" to the other band members, and the five musicians are "bonded together by much more than our time onstage."

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