Backlash Over Zero Speed Tolerance A 'Miscommunication'

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015, 9:32AM
Source - NewspixNZ/NZ Herald

Source - NewspixNZ/NZ Herald

Police are promising to listen to whatever comes out of a review of their speeding policies.

There was a backlash after police announced in November that anyone going over the speed limit should expect to be pulled over.

A review of that policy will begin once the campaign concludes, at the end of the month.

A police spokesperson says there was never a zero tolerance strategy, and officers could always use discretion in issuing tickets, but a tougher stance was needed to stop people factoring in the tolerance while driving.

They say the review will look at the road policing campaign and how it was communicated to the public, with all lessons incorporated into future campaigns.

The backlash over the speed tolerance is being blamed on miscommunication.

Police Minister Michael Woodhouse has ordered a review of the policy - it should be finished before Easter.

The summer period started with police announcing officers would strictly enforce the speed limit, but Mr Woodhouse says officers did still use their discretion.

"If they were going at say 101 on an open road in good conditions on a straight road, whether that would be an appropriate place to issue an infringement notice. Clearly it wasn't, and police did apply that discretion, but there was some confusion."

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