Grab Your Mates, Some Beers And Let's Go Do Some Competitive Axe-Throwing

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016, 4:39PM

Forget darts cause apparently the next big thing is axe-throwing!!!

Competitive axe-throwing has now hit America with venues open in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Competitive indoor axe-throwing is like darts - “but bigger and more satisfying,” a spokesperson for Urban Axes website told The Washington Post.

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“It’s not just come and throw an axe. It’s a structured game,” says Stuart Jones, one of Urban Axes’ four partners, who spent part of a recent night, power drill in hand, replacing shredded target boards. “It’s this constant quest for mastery. It’s mentally challenging as well.” Although, he concedes, “it’s not hugely challenging physically.”

source: getty images



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