Tree branch pierces right through ski instructor's face

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 5:15PM
Getty Images

Getty Images

Check this out for some gruesome shieeeeeet! 

Natty Hargood is a ski instructor in Wyoming and the other day he attempted to ski through some trees but 'cut it too close'. By too close, we mean he hit a tree and welcomed a 45cm branch into his bottom lip.

"I thought maybe my chinstrap got pushed up into my face, so I tried to brush it off and that's when I felt the stick," he told Idaho State Journal. "So, I shook left to right and saw the stick moving in my peripherals."

source: GoFundMe

"I reached out and grabbed it and wiggled it, before realising it was pretty far in there."

"Holy crap, I just got impaled," he recalled. "And then I yelled over to Pete, 'Hey look I got a new piercing'."

The good news - Hagood said the impalement happened so quickly, there was very little pain and before heading back down the mountin, he snapped the limb back down to a manageable 15cm.

"Ski patrol was all like, 'You're crazy, man'."

source: GoFundMe