Diego Maradona gives the great post-match interview ever

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018, 4:00PM


Diego Maradona has produced another piece of television magic after leaving Mexican TV pundits flummoxed live on air, when asked his thoughts about the country's level of football.

The broadcasters were eager to extract wisdom from the football legend in the aftermath of Dorados' defeat by Juarez.

Maradona took over as the manager of Dorados this season, and has been getting to grips with the nation's way of football. As such, pundits asked the World Cup winner just what he makes of the MX League, but got surprisingly little response.

Despite having coached in the division for a brief while, Maradona met the question with an almost puzzled expression.

The superstar appeared lost in thought, staring into space while gently shaking his head.

Both pundits waited, and waited, as the TV cameras continued their live coverage, in the hope of a nugget of expertise from the maestro himself.

The length it took Maradona to come up with any form of answer was the textbook definition of awkward, with the clip itself soon going viral online as a result.

Maradona's time in Mexico has already been eventful, with Dorados booking a spot in the semi-final of the Ascenso MX.

A 1-0 win was enough for Maradona's side, and later he could be seen at the centre of the dressing room at the final whistle, leading the songs as the Dorados players celebrated the achievement.

It was only as recent as September that Maradona, now 58, decided to take over at the helm of the Mexican second division club.

In a nomadic career after hanging up his boots, Maradona has moved through a variety of different roles across world football.

This article was first published on dailymail.co.uk and is republished here with permission.

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