Kiwi horse racing spectator's X-rated prank caught on live TV

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Monday, 21 January 2019, 11:58AM

Horse racing viewers got more than they bargained for when two men on a nearby roof got their kit off during a Marlborough harness race.

On Sunday a Blenheim prankster was caught in the nude on live TV jokingly performing a sex act while waving to the cameras at Waterlea Racecourse.

The man and a friend initially jumped on to the roof of his home that backs on to the course and waited for the horses to gallop towards the property.

As the camera panned around the bend the two pranksters can be seen in the background playing up for viewers.

The race was live for Sky Sport Trackside subscribers.

The footage has since been posted to media, leaving viewers in hysterics.

A former host at Trackside NZ took to Twitter, writing: "A good day out at the races... Kiwis just celebrate a Sunday sesh a wee bit differently, I suppose. #kiwisummer".

While viewers were left confused the prankster, who wishes to not be named, revealed no sex act was performed, instead it "was just me and a mate in skin coloured shorts posing".

It's not the prankster's first rodeo after he was filmed last year posing for the racing cameras while on his roof, wearing just a bra and undies while flexing his muscles.

"Proud day. Got myself on Trackside today. Very emotional," the man wrote on Facebook back in 2018.


Australian horse racing fans also got in on the act, poking fun at the Blenheim man's antics.

"They sure do take their harness racing frolics seriously over in NZ. That roof must be solid," one wrote.

Another said: "Just when you thought you may have seen everything harness racing has to offer, Blenheim throws up this scene."

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