A Few Good Men - Episode 11: Simon Porter

Publish Date
Monday, 15 July 2019, 10:14AM

The podcast that chews the fat with some great New Zealanders and digs deep into what makes them tick, their passions, their experiences and their advice.

This episode's guest is one of New Zealand's top sports agent and CEO of Halo Sport, Simon Porter.

Simon goes deep into explain the process of being an agent, how do they identify talent and develop it, being trusted with a young persons future, convincing families you are the right person for the job to get their son or daughter to the places they want to go.

Plus, he explains with the changing dynamic of NZ Rugby and global sport with athletes being chased at younger and younger ages, the rules on this in terms of being signed by an agent or pro team, and how is this change affecting his industry and NZ Rugby.

Simon also gives his expert advice for anybody looking to get into this field and for players who want to play professionally.

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