Watch the brand new video for Beck's track "Up All Night"

Publish Date
Thursday, 7 September 2017, 6:29AM

Beck has issued an anthemic call to arms and legs with "Up All Night," the irresistible new single and epic video one-two salvo in advance of his imminent 13th album and "euphoric blast of experimental pop" 'Colors' due out October 13 on Capitol Records.

In keeping with the life-affirming spirit and groove of the song itself, the sweeping cinematic arc created by Director Canada, Executive Producer Oscar Romagosa and Producer Laura Serra Estorch features a narrative of triumph over hallucinogenic adversity. "Up All Night" tracks its fearless heroine (Solene Rigot) through an increasingly bizarre series of trials as she races against the sun-and at times the very rules of reality-to rescue a fallen friend (Pedro Attenborough).

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